Praise(!) for Nothing the Sun

Here follow some nice things people have said about Nothing the Sun. I’m not blushing; you’re blushing.
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I absolutely LOVE the new album by @PocketWitching aka @NickLittler. Just a guy with his guitar, but so good. Sometimes with a harmonica and the odd synth line if I’m not mistaken + great audio samples. My favourite song is ‘Maybe Baby Rainy Day #4’. Just listen!
– Chris Leon (Your Music Radio host and all-round good chap)

I’d like to recommend the recently released debut album by @PocketWitching – Nothing The Sun. Armed with little more than an acoustic guitar and a wicked turn of phrase, Nick shows that’s all a talented artist needs to tell a variety of stories. 

I was amazed that, given the instrumentation, there is as much variety in the arrangements as there is. Interesting choices of subject matter too! 

I should have also said [the] music is quite catchy! Some of [the] hooks have been playing in my mind over the last 24 hours. 
– JB Fairfield (someone on Twitter with excellent taste)

Nothing The Sun by @PocketWitching is a surprise. Engaging melodies, intriguing rhythms, wry observations & touch of black humour. Well performed bunch of songs. Terrific cover artwork. Acoustic guitar, harmonica & vocals rarely sounds this inventive to me. 
– Turtle Wilson (as above)

Heard a preview. Blew holes in my socks. Clever and fun meets tender and dark. Powerful range from a beautiful voice. 
– 9beanrows (ditto)

Nothing the Sun is an album that’s smart but also moving, with a stripped-back acoustic sound but that doesn’t sound samey. I love the folky songs, the strong sense of narrative throughout, especially in ‘Best Served Cold’. I sing ‘Shipping Forecast [Easterly 5 to 4]’ around the house more than is appropriate. After many listens, I still find it impossible to listen to ‘Man Walks into a Bar’ without wanting to cry. I would heartily recommend this album to anyone, and not just because I’m married to the artist. If you want songs that take you places, catchy tunes, some absolutely banging harmonica and beautiful vocals, then this is the album for you.
– Claire, my wife

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